Small pets and animals for sale in Eagle, ID

Larry and Pablo are a fun duo that always want to know what is going on around them. They came from the Idaho Falls area at the end of 2015, beginning of 2016 and liked each other immediately. They have seen all that they can see with us and are ready to move on to and different surrounds.
We were very surpised when Weston was actually a Whitney, but her love for Tiny didn't change just because we were wrong about her gender. Tiny and Whitney are very social and love people. Whitney is a bit of an escape artist, so you will want to keep that in mind when you choose a pen for her.
Romeo and Juliet are gorgeous white rabbits with different colored eyes. They came from a college campus were some rabbits were dumped and began to reproduce. They are around 2 yrs old and are more then ready to find a home.
Daisy and Mia are sisters that were born in the rescue in Jan 2016. They are both a little shy as they haven't been handled a lot. Finding a family who will love them while understanding that they will need some time would be ideal.
Michelle and Faline are a mother/daughter pair that have been in the shelter for almost 2 yrs. They are both a bit shy, but having someone love them would make a world of difference.
Meg and Jo have been with us for 2 yrs. They came from a college campus where some rabbits were dumped and then began to populate. They would love to finally find a home.
Digby and Duncan are brothers born in the rescue Fall of 2015. They would love to find a real home with people who will love them.
Val and Carrot are an active duo. Carrot got his nose bit in a fight, and it left him with an interesting battle scar. They have been with us since 2016 and would love to have a home to roam.
Charlotte and Bambi are bunnies with a lot of personality. They have been with us since 2015. Bambi is a purebred miniature-Rex and has velvet fur. They are an active, silly pair that will keep you entertained for hours.
Caden and Braden are twins that came to us in July 2016. They are 1 of our more docile pairs and can often be found sitting quietly together.
Gloria and Mars are active bunnies always trying to find a way to get more room out of their pen. They have been with us since summer 2016 and are anxious to find a bigger home to stretch their legs in.
Judy came to us in June 2017. She is a curious, friendly rabbit. She is currently in the Boise area waiting for a home.
Phoebe is a precious blue gray rabbit. She is curious but friendly and we often have people comment on how stunning she is when taken out into the community. She was fostered in a home with dogs and doesn't seem to mind their noise as much as some of the other rabbits do.
Ginger loves to sprawl out and claim her space. She is often found trying to push her pen out to make a bigger spot. She doesn't mind her neighbors and is often found with her nose pushed through her pen to see better into their space.
Clover is an wonderful rabbit for sale who needs a loving home! He is five years old, neutered, and healthy. He is NOT and outdoor rabbit. He needs to be inside and does well with children over five years old. I will also include his cage and run. Be sure to not lock him up in the run all day, he loves to roam houses and will generally not gnaw on things, except rubber. He loves rubber. All in ...
Bernadette was found lose in a neighborhood this fall. She is now ready for a home.
I have an adorable young fancy black bear hamster named Cocoa that needs her forever home She is very sweet a little shy at first. Cocoa will come with her homemade bin cage with everything inside food treats water bottle her pink ball and bedding. I am too busy right now to give Cocoa the proper home and she lots more love and attion Call or (at) -- Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
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